Ethos Paris Autumn/Winter Collection


Our inspiration for this collection is City Wear.  It all began in PARIS, where fashion is a part of everyday living. It then took flight to the big apple, NEW YORK CITY.  In both cities, it was urban living which influenced our styles. In this collection Ethos Paris takes sustainable green style to the next level of fashion with over 20 stunning new styles.


PARIS.  Everywhere, people always ask, "What makes French women so stylish?"  What is that 'je ne sais quoi' that makes the difference?  Well, for one thing, in typical French modus operandi, conformity is just not a value.  Reflecting on that, we understand that the French woman seeks the object that will express her own personal style.  The French touch is individuality, detail conscious style.


NEW YORK CITY.  Here we meet the fashion leaders who set the trends and send out the style pointers.  We pick up on the American way of casual wear with an edge:  how a simple tee shirt can become a fashion statement when paired up with a stylish skirt.


From the casual elegance of a zipped up jacket to a figure flattering loopknit dress, zippers are in this season!  We put a zipper on out loopknit jumpsuit to echo back the new craze for hoody jumpsuits rampant in Northern European countries.


Stitched gathers on dresses, better know as "ruching" are back in style.  Ruched dresses lend a touch of high-fashion without being over the top.  Whether it's all-over ruching or strategically placed; the stitched gathers hide little imperfections and can go a long way in making a figure look great.


Ethos Paris Styles have often been described as 'sweet and sexy'.  In other words, feminine appeal without a trace of vulgarity.  This element of style is very present in our winter collection.  City-smart, feminine, sexy, original and totally wearable...and affordable.