100% organic cotton jersey scarves. 80"L x 20"W.

Recent trends towards exceptionally thin and flowy styling have lead Ethos designers to adopt these fabrics in the new collections. Like all very thin jerseys, this garment requires some special care to ensure that the seams do not rotate or the length does not shrink.

We recommend that you carefully read and follow the instructions sewn inside the garment.
• Use a mild detergent that will be kind to the garment as well as for the environment.
• If you choose to machine wash, put the garment in a bag to protect it and use gentlest washing cycle.
• Dry jerseys flat, when possible, gently pulling into shape and iron while still damp. Or you can put the garment bag into the dryer on gentle.

Boa Scarf ~ Sable

  • Fashion for a better world. By purchasing this Fair Trade organic garment, you are helping to create a better world.

    Behind each beautiful style, exclusively designed by our in-house designers, is a model of eco and social responsibility that encompasses a whole range of business, trade, ecological, and environmental practices. As pioneers of a new economic system, Ethos Paris believes that we can bring about the change needed, by producing stylish, green, fashion-forward apparel, while raising consumer awareness and setting an example of sustainability.
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