Tahimsa silk tie dyed with botanicals...truly green!  ~7.5cm at the widest part of the tie.  Each tie varies slightly in size and color.

Tahimsa Silk Botanical Tie ~ Sand Berry

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  • Ahimsa silk is also peace silk. Ahimsa peace silk often comes from the Eri Silk Moth and the Tassar moth and comes mostly from India. The Ahimsa Peace Silk project in India is working to help develop the peace silk industry in India, train local artisans in the manufacturing of peace silks and raise global awareness for ahimsa peace silks.

    For centuries, the weavers of India have used plants, flowers, bark, roots and other vegetal and mineral elements to dye their textiles. Today, these ancestral techniques are combined with modern technology to produce a vast range of sustainable colors. This item sums up all the requirements of a perfectly ecological garment: 100% certified organic cotton, herbal dyes, even the binding and fixing agents are 100% natural and 100% nonpolluting. Furthermore, the water used in the dying process is perfectly clean and reintroduced into the system. (The “tea” solids in the tea bag make fantastic fertilizer that is also reintroduced in the botanical gardens.)

    Fashion for a better world. By purchasing this Fair Trade organic garment, you are helping to create a better world.
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